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In 2018, partners Francesco and Fiona had the idea to create a business out of their mutual passion for coffee. Francesco was born and raised in Napoli, Italy a city fueled by espresso. Fiona started frequenting coffee shops at the age of eight thanks to her caffeine-driven older sister. Together they started Sette Rosso Caffe in September of 2019, to connect with the community and share their love for coffee. “Sette” means “Seven” in Italian, a lucky and prominent number in the couples’ lives. “Rosso” means “Red”, the color of love, passion and determination which is what they portray through their brand. Sette Rosso Caffe offers espresso that has been roasted the traditional Italian way, slowly in an oakwood fueled oven. Their creative cold brew lattes are their specialty and their wholesome tea lattes are perfect for health-conscious individuals. The Sette Rosso brand has evolved from a small community coffee cart to include booths at local farmers markets and private event catering.

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